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Elemental Charm Necklaces - Earth, Air, Water and Fire. This great deal makes gift giving easy! You will receive four Ready to Wear Element Necklaces - these make the perfect Best Friend gift set. (Or keep all four for yourself and wear them reflective of your mood.) Suspended from an 18 inch long Sterling Silver Italian Chains, these best sellers are sure to please. Each beautifully rendered, double sided charm features the image of the element on one side and the symbol for it on the other. The Water element symbolizes many things including dreaming, healing, fluidity, purification, regeneration, strength, change, fertility, devotion, and unconditional love. The element of Air symbolizes communication, intelligence, perception, knowledge, learning, thinking, imagination, creativity, harmony and travel. The Earth element symbolizes many things including prosperity, fertility, stability, creativity, physical abundance, nourishment, dependability, security, intuition, introspection and wisdom. The Fire Element symbolizes many things including energy, activity, creativity, passion, freedom, power, love, vision, anger, and strength.

SOLD AS A SET: This Sterling Silver Elemental Charm Necklace set includes the Fire Element Charm, Air Element Charm, Water Element Charm, Earth Element Charm and four 18 Inch Chains. Simply slide the charm on the chain and you are ready for gift giving!

MEASUREMENT: All charms measure 16.5mm L, 10mm W and 1mm H. Length measures include 5 mm jump rings. All four Sterling Silver Chains are 18" long.

Cast and hand finished in Thailand. Length measure includes 5 mm jump rings.

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Other Details

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