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What are Cookies and Cache?

When browsing the Internet and accessing files, your browser will cache (store) files so it doesn’t have to retrieve repeated data each time it is accessed. This includes images you’re viewing on our site, especially if you use your browser’s “Back” and “Forward” buttons.

A cookie is a file generated by a website, which gets stored on your computer. Cookies help your computer remember things like stored passwords, your shopping cart contents, etc.

Eventually your computer has too many of these files (cookies and cache) stored up and it actually slows things down and makes it difficult for websites to run properly. This is why it is helpful to occasionally clear the cookies and cache in your internet browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc).

Additionally, by clearing your cookies and cache, it is like refreshing your computer and giving it a clean slate. When browsing on a website after clearing cookies and cache, your computer is pulling fresh data from the website, so you are viewing the most up to date data available.

To clear your cookies in Internet Explorer, open the tools menu in the web browser (across the very top of your screen). Then select Internet Options. Select the Privacy tab, and Adjust your security. We keep ours set to Medium as it allows a proper amount of cookies to be left when browsing websites.

After you adjust this setting, you may have to close the Internet Explorer and reopen it before the setting is effective.

To clear your cookies in Firefox, open the Tools menu in the web browser (across the very top of your screen). Then select Clear Recent History. Check the boxes next to Cookies and next to Cache. You may have to close Firefox and reopen it before the setting is effective.



What web browser do you recommend using for your site?

For the best results, we recommend viewing our website using the newest versions of FireFox or Internet Explorer.

Download the newest version of Firefox or Internet Explorer.

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