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Feel free to call us at 1-800-336-6462 or email if you still have questions after reading the information below.

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Do you ship outside the United States?

We are happy to ship your international order using DHL Express, UPS International Express, U.S. Postal Service International Priority or Express Mail. Due to the complicated nature of international shipping, we are not able to accommodate any shipping methods other that the above outlined options. Please note that the shipping rate does not include any customs, import duties or taxes that could be incurred when the package reaches your destination country. Any additional duties and taxes are the customer’s responsibility. Please note that we do not refund any customs, import duties or taxes on returns or exchanges.



Why is it so expensive to ship outside of the US?

We have tried a variety of international shipping methods. After much trial and error, we have found that UPS Express, DHLExpress, U.S. Postal Service International Priority and Express Mail are the best methods and the only international shipping we offer. It is costly, but it provides insurance, the ability to track the package, and is the most reliable international delivery we have found. Due to the complicated nature of international shipping, we are not able to accommodate any shipping methods other that the above outlined options. Please note that you are responsible for paying for any taxes and duties once your order reaches its destination.

Please note that both UPS and DHL charges an additional $30 when the delivery destination is remote. We will review yourUPS or DHL shipping address and will apply the additional $30 to your order if applicable. Visit UPS or DHL to check an address for a Remote Area Service fee.



How long does it take for my package to arrive?

UPS International Express packages take between 2-4 days to arrive after it has left our office.
DHL Express packages take between 2-4 days to arrive after it has left our office.
International Express Mail packages take about 3-7 days (excluding Sunday) to arrive. 
International Priority Mail packages take about 6-13 days (excluding Sunday).

Estimated shipping time does not include potential time spent in customs. Keep in mind the farther you are from California, the longer the shipment will take. If you have not received your order within 7 business days from when we shipped it out, please call or email the office to start the tracking process.



Are you able to declare my International customs form as a gift and include a lower value so that I pay lower duties and taxes?

On all international orders, we declare the true value of the merchandise. That is the only legal way to ship. In addition, it is necessary for insurance purposes, and because occasionally we have to provide a copy of the invoice to the receiving country’s customs agents. The declared value must match the actual merchandise total.

We mark package contents as “Merchandise- craft supplies” and cannot mark them as a “gift”. When additional details are requested by a Customs agent, we declare the items as sterling silver or gold plate vermeil. Please note that any additional duties and taxes are the customer’s responsibility.

European customers: please note that our Gold Plate Vermeil Style items do contain a fine layer of nickel in between the silver and the gold to increase the longevity and durability of the gold plate. This has caused problems for some European customers in the past.



I am an International customer, but I want to ship an order to a friend in the US. Is that possible?

We can ship your package to any address you’d like. If your order is shipping to someone other than you, please be sure to include their full name and address in the shipping fields when completing your order.



I am an International customer and I do not have a resale license. How can I create a wholesale account?

International customers can set up a wholesale account by selecting the wholesale option during account creation. In the field that asks for the State Resale License, please enter the number of the business license you have in your country. Before we can process your second order, we need a hard copy of your business license on file in our office. Please either fax your license to 510-845-8096, scan and email it to, or mail a hard copy to Nina Designs, PO Box 8127, Emeryville, CA 94662, USA.

Providing your information online is sufficient to place an opening order.



I am an International customer. Do your gold vermeil style pieces contain nickel?

Our gold plate vermeil contains a fine layer of Nickel between the sterling silver and the 14K, 18K or 24K gold to prevent the silver from migrating through the gold to the surface. The nickel layer greatly increases the longevity and durability of the gold plate. If you are an international customer ordering our gold plate vermeil styles, it is your responsibility to know the customs regulations specific to your country.

Customers within the European Union: Please be aware that any of our plated items (gold plated silver, gold plated bronze and silver plated bronze) contain a thin nickel layer that increases the longevity of the plate and may not be in compliance with EU regulation EN1811-2011.



How do I process returns and exchanges from outside the US?

We take extra care in pulling and packing International orders to try and avoid errors. If you have items you’d like to exchange, you can send them back to us. Please understand that the customer pays for shipping charges on exchanges.

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