Frequently Asked Questions - Backorders


What are your backorder policies?

Our inventory levels fluctuate rapidly and often. Our stock on hand stock is listed on our item detail page. When an item is out of stock it will say “Sold Out”. For Wholesale customers we backorder items that are sold out if they total $30 or more per individual style. If the sold out item was ordered in quanties less than $30 total per individual style, it will not be backordered – please re-order at a future date.

We do not charge for backorders until the merchandise is ready to be shipped to you. When the bordackered item arrives in our office we will automatically ship the merchandise to you. Your backorder will be charged using the same payment method that was on your original order. Your backorder will ship out complimentary, via USPS or UPS Ground depending on the carrier you choose for your original order.

Please understand that most of our items are handmade and hand-finished in Bali and Thailand. Therefore, we sometimes experience delays that leave us temporarily out of stock on certain items. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Retail Customers:

We apologize, we are primarily a wholesale company and are only able to provide back ordering service to our wholesale customers. Please email us at if you have any questions. 

International Customers:

We apologize, we are not able to backorder items for international customers. Please email us at if you have any questions. 



How do I know if Items on my order are out of stock?

When you are in your shopping cart, items that are out of stock will show up in the Qty B/O column with the estimated arrival date. If the individual item totals over $30, we will backorder it for you (if is under $30 it will be cancelled). The arrival date is an estimate based on our most up to date information. Due to unexpected delays, backorders may arrive +/- one week. 



What if the arrival date shows “no eta”?

If the arrival date shows no eta, it means we do not have enough of that item in production.

Once you backorder the item that currently shows no eta, we will get an alert to increase production to be able fulfill your backorder. Please call or email if you would like the estimated time of arrival of this item.

Gold Plated items will always show “no eta” even when we may have some in production, due to the logistics involved in the plating process. Please call or email if you would like the estimated time of arrival for gold plated items.



How Do I know if I have backorders?

When you are logged into your account, go to “Account”, then “Orders”. All your orders will show up here.  If your order has backorders, the Status will show “Partially Shipped”.


If you click through to an order with a status of “Partially Shipped” (meaning items have been backordered), it will show your original order and the items in stock and backordered at the time your order was placed. Please note: this “View Order” does not update as backordered items are fulfilled and shipped.


Once you have selected View Order, at the top of the screen you will see at least one shipment number with tracking numbers and one invoice number for the in stock items that were shipped and invoiced.  As backorders become available and are shipped and invoiced, additional shipment and invoice numbers will show below the original shipment and invoice.


To see which Backordered items shipped and any items still on backorder, open the most recent invoice.


Once all Items from the Order have shipped, the Order Status will change from “Partially Shipped” to “Shipped”.


Feel free to call us at 1-800-336-6462 or email if you still have questions



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