Simone, Customer Service Manager


I am constantly inspired by the world around me – the colors, shapes, textures and movement I encounter everyday informs my creativity. I find this to be especially true in my photography. When I take photos outside, at night - the colors, lights and shadows spur my artistic decisions. I studied Photography at the Academy of Art in San Francisco after attending the Miami International University of Art and Design and I am thrilled to be able to use my skills here at Nina Designs to create Product Shots for their Website. Besides photography, I am also very passionate about Health, Fitness, Cooking and … my fun, high-spirited dog Buck! One of my favorite parts of my day is when I come home and he is always super excited to greet me. Working at Nina Designs has encouraged me to try my hand at jewelry design and its fun experimenting with all of the different shapes and metals we offer. I appreciate that my co-workers encourage me and have shared their techniques. I love that I get to work with an amazing team of women who all inspire one another!

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